Kessil Tuna Sun – Planted Spectrum


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Beautiful, unrivaled shimmer gives the look of natural sunlight in your aquatic garden.



Kessil is the only company to manufacture all LED arrays in-house with custom spectral blends specifically tailored to meet aquarist needs. Our LEDs now emit a “Double Peak” spectrum, which improves plant color and growth by enhancing photosynthetic absorption. Patented Dense Matrix LEDâ„¢ technology concentrates multiple LED chips into an array, creating a powerful light source with better and deeper penetration, without sacrificing coverage. Different wavelengths within a single LED array are seamlessly blended before leaving the light, emitting a uniform color with widespread coverage. High performance and low maintenance. Simple and compact units feature quiet operation, innovative heat management and efficient, long-lasting LED construction. Tune the spectrum and intensity for a personalized look. Kessil Logicâ„¢ maintains consistent output across the spectrum. 6,000-9,000K.

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A80, 160WE, 360X, 500X