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Monday: 11:00am – 7:00pm

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Ethical Aquariums

Our staff is trained on proper husbandry and how to help you find the right fit for your tank. We hold ourselves and our suppliers to high standards for health and sustainability.


Every one of our fish goes through our data backed quarantine process for at least 2-4 weeks. They are observed, medicated for possible diseases, and conditioned on high quality foods.


Our cumulative experience is available to you! We have a YouTube channel and Podcast dedicated to sharing information, and are available to collaborate on ideas or give advice any time.

More Information

What we do

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery is a  local fish store providing aquariums, supplies, fish, plants, and invertebrates to West Michigan and beyond. While our specialty is in planted aquariums and reef aquariums, we carry stock for all types of tanks and are happy to special order.

Our Vision

We aim to be a different kind of fish store. Healthy and sustainable livestock is our goal. From their native environments to the aquariums in which they ultimately live out their lives, we are invested in the idea that the aquarium trade can be managed responsibly

History of the Company

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery has been providing aquatic supplies and livestock in Grand Rapids since 2015.  We quickly outgrew our small shop and in early 2020 we packed up our tanks and moved to our current location on Division Ave with double the space and easy parking for guests.

Grand Rapids’ LFS

Our location in downtown Grand Rapids puts us right where everything is happening, but our local focus goes farther than just where we’re placed. We partner closely with the Grand Valley Aquarium Club as well as other local clubs, and support local breeders whenever we can

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We are an aquarium store with many freshwater and saltwater species available

Whether you have an aquarium or not you are welcome to stop by, ask questions, or just browse during any of our open hours. No appointment or fee required.

Our location has ample and easily accessible parking in the directly adjacent lot off of Logan St.

If you’d like to make an inquiry about a particular product or species, you are always welcome to reach out! Most of our stock can also be seen in our online shop and livestock list

We prefer having local sources for our livestock when possible. If you’ve got something you’d like to trade, send us some pictures and we can talk about in store credit. We are also able to take in unwanted fish as rescues as long as we have space available.