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If you love the look and stress relieving effect of a beautiful aquarium, but don’t have time to maintain it, let us do the work! Whether you’re looking for a one time cleanup or a lifetime of maintenance, we will work with you and meet your needs. We are Michigan’s largest aquarium service company covering metropolitan Grand Rapids and all of West Michigan. Our technicians roam from Lansing and Battle Creek, to Ludington and beyond. We are a fully staffed service company with a team of experienced technicians allowing us the flexibility to respond to our customer’s requests quickly.

We provide installation, maintenance, selection and care. Our job is to make sure the only thing you need to do is enjoy it.

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We start from the bottom up every time. From locally hand built stands to custom aquariums, we can provide an aquarium that perfectly fits your space and budget.


When our technician arrives, they do a full assesment of your aquarium and equipment ensuring livestock are all in good health and the tank is functioning properly. They also do a thorough clean and deliver any needed supplies and livestock. We accept both regular and one time visits, and will tailor your maintenance schedule to your needs


Not only do we design the box, we design the beautiful aquascape to go in it. We will work with you to come up with the perfect layout of natural elements to complement your room, and the livestock that will provide the perfect finish to the composition.

Visit Includes

-Delivery of water, supplies, and livestock

-Thorough water change

-Wipe down

-Assesment of livestock health

-Inspection of equipment
Visit Frequency

– Most freshwater aquariums: twice monthly

— Most saltwater aquariums: weekly


Maintenance schedules can be customized

to your needs.

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