Taiwan Lily – Nymphoides sp. “Taiwan”

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Nymphoides sp. “Taiwan” is an undemanding aquarium lily. Like other Nymphoides and Nymphaea species, it will cover the aquarium’s surface with floating leaves if allowed. If trimmed, it works well as a mid-background plant. In nutrient rich substrate, it is not difficult to grow, reproducing via runners and forming roots at the base of leaves. These graceful leaves are very delicate, but with intact roots any damage is quickly replaced. Take extra care when handling young plants.

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  1. Tyler (verified owner)

    I was sold on giving this lovely little plant a try based on their podcast. I am very glad I did. This is a wonderful plant, for a lily it is very slow to spread, so unlike so many other’s you won’t wake up to half your tank being covered with lily leaves. It is a great balance the other way as well. It has grown and slowly spread in a low tech tank with gravel. It makes a light green tower of leaves and can be easily propagated when the off shoots begin to appear off a node. Seems to grow denser with higher light. I’ve had zero algae growth on this plant. Panda Garras and other fish love sitting on the leaves. Can’t recommend this plant enough.
    Thanks for the podcast and the water colors shop for sharing!


  2. Jae Bingham (verified owner)

    I love the delicate, graceful look of the Taiwan Lily. I was slightly worried because I damaged the plants as I took them out of the packaging, but in a few days the plants had recovered and begun to grow nicely. Great addition to my planted tank!

    Jae Bingham