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Dear Fellow Hobbyists

The stories of plastics polluting the oceans are all around us. The images of sea creatures tangled in plastic are not easy to forget. We know that the issue is real and the damage is widespread.

In this hobby we use piles of plastic bags to transport our aquarium inhabitants from all over the world to our own aquariums. Did you know that most municipal recycle centers do not accept these bags? The city of Grand Rapids is no exception. If you put your fish bags into your recycle bin, they end up in the landfill.

We have found a commercial recycling facility that will take these bags and recycle them. All of the fish bags that we receive go to that facility. We are now expanding this program to include fish bags from fellow hobbyists. Whether you bought the creature from us or somewhere else, you can bring the empty fish bag to us and we will get it to the recycle station for you. Just drop your bags off at Water Colors during regular business hours.

They need to be clear bags without much print on them. A little bit of writing or a small label is acceptable. They also need to be lightly rinsed and emptied. They do not need to be dry.

Please don’t throw away your bags. Lets all do our part to try and help protect the waters we love.

Thank you

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