112. Dirt-Spawning Killifishes 1

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
112. Dirt-Spawning Killifishes

Killifishes have a reputation for being difficult or requiring incredibly specific husbandry requirements, but these myths ignore the fact that there are over 1200 species to choose from. In this episode of the podcast, the Water Colors team hopes to dispel many myths pertaining to killifishes by discussing the diversity of killifishes that are specifically dirt-spawning. You can share your stories of killifish keeping on the Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast Listeners Facebook group!

– The 2023 American Killifish Association (AKA) and American Livebearer Association conventions will be held jointly in Kalamazoo, Michigan from May 19-May 21. These conventions are being co-hosted by the South West Michigan Aquarium Society and the Michiana Aquarium Society. The Water Colors team is planning on attending these conventions. More information can be found on the AKA and ALA websites.
– There is a wealth of resources pertaining to the research and laboratory husbandry of Nothobranchius furzeri as a model organism can be found on the Nothobranchius furzeri Information Network (NFIN) website.
– The killifishes from the Pachypanchax genus are endemic to Madagascar.
– We listed off “all” the Cynolebias killifish species, but our list seemed to lack some of the more recently described species. So, we’ll include that list here: Cynolebias altus, Cynolebias obscurus, Cynolebias ochraceus, Cynolebias oticus, Cynolebias paraguassuensis, Cynolebias parietalis, Cynolebias parnaibensis, Cynolebias rectiventer, and Cynolebias roseus
– Don’t worry, we’ll likely do South American Annuals (SAA) killifishes and a Mop-spawning killifishes episodes in the future.

Fishes Mentioned in This Episode:
– Dwarf adorned goby (Eviota sigillata)
Nothobranchius furzeri
Nothobranchius rachovii
Nothobranchius foerschi
Nothobranchius korthausae
Nothobranchius patrizii
Nothobranchius guentheri
Callopanchax spp.
Austrolebias spp.
Pterolebias spp.
Gnatholebias spp.
Moema spp.
Rachovia spp.
Simpsonichthys spp.
Austrolebias nigripinnis
Nematolebias whitei
Cynolebias albipunctatus
Cynolebias attenuatus
Cynolebias gibbus
Cynolebias gilbertoi
Cynolebias griseus
Cynolebias itapicuruensis
Cynolebias leptocephalus
Cynolebias microphthalmus
Cynolebias perforatus
Cynolebias porosus
Cynolebias vazabarrisensis
Betta albimarginata
Simpsonichthys constanciae
Nothobranchius kadleci
Nothobranchius neumanni
Nothobranchius robustus
Nothobranchius eggersi
Nothobranchius flammicomantis
Nothobranchius fuscotaeniatus
Nothobranchius rubripinnis
Nothobranchius attenboroughi
Aphyosemion spp.
– Pygmy sunfish (Elassoma okefenokee)

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  1. Hi, did you guys already sell out of killi eggs or is that something that has not yet happened?
    Also as always I loved the new episode and can’t wait for more. I’m gonna need a fish room soon my well power is not that strong.

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