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117. Top 5 Easy Corals

Are you interested in starting a reef tank, but are intimidated by coral care? Well in this episode, we discuss the top 5 easiest corals to keep in your saltwater aquarium! Some species grow as fast as weeds, and some are nearly impossible to kill. This makes for a great beginner friendly list, or just a fool proof range of easy to maintain corals for hobbyists of all experience levels.


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Some species mentioned in this episode:

  • Xenia sp., Xenia anthelia “Waving Hand”
  • GSP, Green star polyp
  • Colt coral (Cladiella sp.)
  • Duncan (Ducanopsammia)
  • Yellow polyps (Parazoanthus sp.)
  • Frog spawn (Fimbriaphyllia sp.)
  • Spaghetti finger leather (Sinularia flexibilis)
  • Kenya tree (Capnella sp.)
  • Hammer coral (Fimbriaphyllia sp.)
  • Discosoma mushrooms
  • Toadstools (Sinularia)
  • Cyphastrea
  • Purple plating photosynthetic sponge (collospongia sp.)
  • Montipora caprincornus
  • Pink photosynthetic gorgonia

Referenced terminology

  • coenenchyme: the tissue that surrounds and links polyps in octocorals

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