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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
124. Top 5 Shrimp-Safe Fish

What fish are safe to keep in your beloved shrimp tank? It’s hard to resist the urge to add fish to a shrimp colony, but many species will turn your tank into an all you can eat buffet! In this episode, the Water Colors team discusses their top 5 picks for shrimp-safe fish. What fish do you keep with your shrimp?


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Species mentioned in this episode:

  • Zebra oto, Otocinclus cocama
  • Butterfly barb, Enteromius hulstaerti
  • Clown killifish, Epiplatys annulatus
  • Threadfin rainbow, Iriatherina werneri
  • Stiphodon goby, Stiphodon atropurpureus
  • Jelly Bean tetra, Ladigesia roloffi
  • Scarlet badis, Dario dario
  • Halfbeaks
  • Licorice gouramis
  • Boraras sp.
  • Emerald dwarf danio, Celistichtys erythromicron
  • Neon blue rabsora, Sundadanio goblinus
  • Endler’s livebearers
  • Dwarf green barb, Pethio gelius
  • Corydoras Habrosus

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