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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
126. Cryptocoryne

The genus Cryptocoryne. From easy to easier.
The episode is an introduction to plants from the genus Cryptocoryne. What are some of the
available and not so available varieties and where are they found? Crypts are some of the
easiest plants in the aquarium hobby. This doesn’t mean they are not cool!
50-60 Species of Crypt


Sri Lanka

Cryptocoryne Beckettii
Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Cryptocoryne Parva
Cryptocoryne Wilisii
Cryptocoryne Thwaitesii
Cryptocoryne Alba
Cryptocoryne Bogneri
Cryptocoryne Walkeri (lutea)
Cryptocoryne Nevilli
Cryptocoryne Undulata
Cryptocoryne India
Cryptocoryne Ciliata
Cryptocoryne Cognata
Cryptocoryne Consobrina
Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis
Cryptocoryne Sivadasanii
Cryptocoryne Spiralis
Cryptocoryne Malaysia
Cryptocoryne Affinis
Cryptocoryne Ciliata
Cryptocoryne Cordata
Cryptocoryne Decus-silvae
Cryptocoryne Diderici
Cryptocoryne Elliptica
Cryptocoryne Griffithii
Cryptocoryne Longicauda
Cryptocoryne Minima
Cryptocoryne Moehlmanni
Cryptocoryne Nurrii
Cryptocoryne Pontederfolia
Cryptocoryne Scurrils
Cryptocoryne Schulzei
Cryptocoryne Villosa
Cryptocoryne Zukalii
Cryptocoryne Thailand
Cryptocoryne Albida
Cryptocoryne Annamica
Cryptocoryne Ciliata
Cryptocoryne Crispatula

Cryptocoryne Cruddasiana

Cryptocoryne Vietnamensis
Cryptocoryne Mecongensis
Cryptocoryne Loeiensis



Cryptocoryne Aura
Cryptocoryne Auriculata
Cryptocoryne Bullosa
Cryptocoryne Ciliata
Cryptocoryne Cordata
Cryptocoryne Edithiae
Cryptocoryne Furruginea
Cryptocoryne Fusca
Cryptocoryne Griffithii
Cryptocoryne Hodoroi
Cryptocoryne Ideii
Cryptocoryne keei
Cryptocoryne Grabowskii
Cryptocoryne Lingua
Cryptocoryne Longicauda
Cryptocoryne noritoi
Cryptocoryne Pallidinervia
Cryptocoryne Striolata
Cryptocoryne Uenoi
Cryptocoryne Yujii
Cryptocoryne Zaidiana
Cryptocoryne Zonata
Cryptocoryne New Guinea
Cryptocoryne Ciliata
Cryptocoryne Dewitt
Cryptocoryne Versteegii
Cryptocoryne Phillipines
Cryptocoryne Aponogetifolia
Cryptocoryne Ciliata
Cryptocoryne Coronata
Cryptocoryne Pygmea
Cryptocoryne Usteriana



Cryptocoryne Bankaeinsis
Cryptocoryne Ciliata
Cryptocoryne Cordata
Cryptocoryne Fusca
Cryptocoryne Jacobsenii
Cryptocoryne Longicauda
Cryptocoryne Matakensis
Cryptocoryne Minima
Cryptocoryne Moehlmannii
Cryptocoryne Nurii
Cryptocoryne Ponterdriifolia
Cryptocoryne Scurrilis
Cryptocoryne Vilosa
Cryptocoryne Wongsoi

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