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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
139. Top 5 Late Blooming Freshwater Fish

Let’s face it – some of the most beautiful fish look plain and boring at your local fish store. It’s not until you bring them home, condition them, and spoil them, that they truly shine. Some species go from brown and dull to bright and illuminating in the right conditions! Others are shy and evasive, until you allow them to settle in at home and suddenly they’re bold and confident! This episode is all about the overlooked favorites that can become incredible if you take the time to condition them.


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Species mentioned in this episode:

  • Genera: Apistogramma (wild)
    • Panduro, trifasciata, pebas, agassizii, elizabethae
  • Genera: Dawkinsia barbs
    • dawkinsia filamentosa
    • dawkinsia assimilis
  • Genera: Sundadanio
    • Goblinus, axelrodi, rubellus
  • Genera: Melanotaenia rainbows
    • Parva, melanotaenia parva
    • garylangei, melanotaenia garylangei
  • Genera: Desmopuntius barbs
    • desmopuntius rhomboocellatus
    • desmopuntius hexazona
  • Genera: Geophagus
    • Redhead topajo, geophagus pyrocephalus
  • Dwarf neon rainbows, melanotaenia praecox
  • Exclamation point rasbora, boraras urophthalmoides
  • Strawberry rasbora, boraras naevus
  • Glass catfish, kryptopterus vitreolus
  • Whiteclouds, tanichthys albonubes
  • Pelvicachromis Moliwe
  • Convict cichlids, amatitlania nigrofasciata
  • Cherry barbs, puntius titteya
  • Honey Gourami, trichogaster chuna
  • Firering danio, brachydanio kyathit
  • Pearl danio, danio albolineatus
  • Xiphophorus nigrensis

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