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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
142. Top 5 Freshwater Price Tags

We’ve all seen outrageously expensive fish while shopping at local fish stores. What makes a pricey fish “worth it?” This episode’s discussion is all about splurges, and how rarity and accessibility drive cost of some unique fish to astronomical levels. With a special guest, Ben, Amy, and Charles pitch their top 5 picks for rare and expensive freshwater fish, and determine if the price tag is justified.


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Species mentioned in this episode:

  • Spotted congo puffer, (tetradon schoutedeni) – $299.99
  • ‘Fancy’ bettas, (Candies, Aliens, Coppers, Hellboys, Avatars, etc)
  • Redfin cactus pleco, L24 (psuedocanthicus pitanga) $249.99
  • Scarlet cactus pleco, L25 (psuedocanthicus pirarara) $269.99
  • Alestopetersius brichardi ‘Red Form’ $59.99
  • Lampeye congo tetra, (phenacogrammus aurantiacus) $39.99
  • Mascara barb, (Dawkinsia assimilis) $39.99
  • Dawkinsia rubrotinctus, $49.99
  • Corydoras pantanalensis, $129.99
  • Corydoras pulcher, $54.99
  • Super parallelus cory, CW127, $129.99
  • Corydoras eversi, $79.99
  • Charming rosy tetra, (hyphessobrycon epicharis) $79.99
  • Silver lancer, (mystus bocourti) $89.99
  • Wallaceochromis rubrolabiatus, $39.99
  • Polypterus teugulsi, $69.99
  • Synodontis paralis, $129.99
  • Clouded archerfish, (toxotes blythii) $49.99
  • Clouded leopard loach, (vanmanenia crassicuada) $69.99
  • Betta albimarginata, $49.99
  • Leporinus sp. ‘Strawberry‘, $129.99
  • Leopard frog pleco, L134, $129.99
  • Super red devil tetra, (hyohessobrycon notidanos) $59.99
  • Mountain grunter, (hephaestus habbemei) $299.99

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