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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
149. Top 5 Fish from Asia

In this episode the Water Colors team makes a top 5 list of their favorite freshwater fishes from Asia. How hard can it be to narrow down our top 5 fish from the largest continent on Earth? From loaches, to gobies, to danios, and more. This diverse list covers a variety of fish, some of which may even fit into your existing tanks at home.


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Species mentioned in this episode:

  • Zebra loach, ‘botia striata’
  • Blue neon goby, ‘stiphodon atropurpureus’
  • Lake Inle danio, ‘Inlecyrpis auropurpureus’
  • Pearl danio, ‘danio albolineatus’
  • Neon blue rasbora, ‘sundadanio goblinus’
  • Kubotai rasbora, ‘microdevario kubotai’
  • Dwarf sole, ‘Achiroides leucorhynchos’
  • Pearl killifish, ‘Aphanius mento’
  • Pearl gourami, ‘trichopodus leerii’
  • Betta ocellata
  • Betta macrostoma
  • Panda barb, ‘haludaria fasciata’
  • Multi stripe pygmy loach, ‘micronemacheilus cruciatus’

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