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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery
Water Colors Aquarium Gallery
172. Top 5 Poeciliid Livebearing Fish

Some of the most recognizable aquarium fish belong to the family poeciliidae, including the well-loved guppies, endlers, platys, and more. The term ‘livebearing’ refers to fish that are ovoviviparous; meaning the offspring are hatched within the body of the parent. The Water Colors team shares their top 5 favorite fish from this family, including discussions on species characteristics, care, and personal experiences. We cover some classics, such as mollies, and some rare species, such as predatory livebearing pike minnows!


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Species mentioned in this episode:

  • Priapichthys nigroventralis
  • Xiphophorus nigrensis
  • Xiphophorus malinche
  • Poecilia schenops
  • Sailfin molly, poecilia latipinna
  • Neoheterandria elegans
  • Limia tridens
  • Pike topminnow, belonesox belizanus
  • Knife-edged livebearer, alfaro cultratus
  • Xenophallus umbratilis
  • Well-bred captive guppy strains
  • Mountain swordtail, xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl
  • Poecilia wingei
  • Four-eyed fish, anableps anableps
  • Blackchin livebearer, girardinus metallicus


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