26. Our Five Dream Freshwater Fish 4

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26. Our Five Dream Freshwater Fish

You heard them talk about their dream saltwater fish in the last episode. Now Ben, Charles, and Amy are discussing their dream freshwater fish! Many of these are rare fish that they’ve never seen before, but some are fish that deserve a whole tank devoted to them.

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  1. I’ve been googling all the fish you talk about to see what you are talking about. I did OK, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to spell the pygmy live bearer from panama. 🙂 Can you spell the name for me?

    1. It’s Neoheterandria elegans ! I will try to add a full list of fish we talk about on future episodes. Thanks for listening!

  2. You guys should invest in a breeding pair of the leopard frog plecos! They’re adorable, and I think a lot of people would love them in their tanks… I know I would! My “Dream” fish… I think I am too new to the hobby to pick just one (or even a handful)! I have kept a planted 40g for about a year now, and have a low-tech 36g guppy tank started in my daughter’s room. I would love a big group of corydoras hastatus for my kiddo’s guppy tank. If I had more tank space for myself I would love a pair or trio of really colorful apisto’s.

    1. Thanks for listening! Everyone can have a dream fish, and sometimes they change every day! We’ve been working on some wild Bristlenose Plecos, but Leopard Frogs would be really fun. I think a 40 is plenty of room for a trio of Apistos as long as you keep it reasonably stocked.

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