104. Questions Submitted by Podcast Listeners 3

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
104. Questions Submitted by Podcast Listeners

Finally, the long awaited episode where the Water Colors team reads your listener questions! A big thank you to everyone who submitted questions for his episode, we had a great range of prompts from silly to serious. Reach out with questions for future episodes by emailing [email protected].


  1. Regarding MD fish tanks. He does not advocate not changing water. His method tank after tank is setting it up with small filter. Used media and bottled bacteria. Very densely planted and then after a few days adding shrimp and some snails. Then later small fish. He repeatedly tells you to do massive very frequent water changes the first weeks, very slowly add more fish once the plants are growing good. He changes water on all his tanks at least weekly sometimes more. He has a few filterless aquaria though with mostly shrimp but some a few guppies. Massive amounts of plants and again many water changes. I only wrote cause you said you would correct it in comments if wrong. The guy talking about balanced aquariums and deep substrate and barely any water changes is called Father Fish.

    1. After recording this podcast, I did go back and look at his channel. MD Fish Tanks was the YouTube channel I was thinking of. He has produced several videos about “balanced” and “ecosystem” style aquariums. And I’ve had to have about a dozen conservations with customers who specifically cited his videos. Those conversations were the impetus for me having watched somewhere between ten and twenty of his videos. In the moment of recording this podcast, I just doubted myself. But that was the channel I was referring to in the episode itself, so no correction was added into the description.

      Charles Bradfield
      1. I stopped following MD content because he doesn’t do long-term tanks, some of his setups are shot once and torn down. I do enjoy MJ Aquascaping and Serpadesign they stick with tanks running and working through the stages and long-term care of tanks. Love your podcast while working, doing tank maintenance, or driving back and forth to work. Looking forward to new episodes in 2023.

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