105. Planted Aquarium Dosing 101 2

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
105. Planted Aquarium Dosing 101

Getting started with planted aquariums can be intimidating. In this episode of the Podcast, the Water Colors team explore the chemistry of planted aquarium dosing. We’d love to hear your adventures in planted aquarium dosing on the Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast Listeners Facebook group.

– The “Val Guy” is Nick Kinser

In this episode, we stated that cyanide is a chemical component to the electron transport chain. This is an erroneous statement as cyanide inhibits Complex IV in the electron transport chain. In fact, many photosynthetic organisms produce organic cyanides as a defense against herbivory.


  1. Great episode and the Seachem calendar is a good tool I wish I had found sooner as well as Aqua Greens videos on ferts also strong on Seachem and ADA product lines and the differences between both styles of fertilization products and schedules.

    1. Edit: Channel is Green Aqua, swapped that in my head. Aquarium Store in Hungary I believe.

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