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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
114. Mouth Brooding Bettas

This episode is all about the adaptive mouth brooding bettas! The Water Colors team discusses the various betta species that exhibit this fascinating strategy, and how you can keep and enjoy them at home. What species are your favorite? You can share your stories on the Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast Listeners Facebook group!


-The International Betta Congress has a comprehensive list of all of the species mentioned in this episode. You can find the list sorted by complex here: https://www.ibcbettas.org/about-betta-splendens/smp/species-by-complex/

Fishes mentioned in this episode:

  • Betta macrostoma
  • Betta brownorum
  • Betta rutalins
  • Betta coccina
  • Betta akarensis
  • Betta siamorientalis
  • Betta albimarginata
  • Betta channoides
  • Betta anabatoides
  • Betta dimidiata
  • Betta krataios
  • Betta pugnax
  • Betta edithae
  • Betta foerschi
  • Betta dennisyongi
  • Betta strohi
  • Betta mandor
  • Betta hendra
  • Betta picta
  • Betta taeniata
  • Betta simplex
  • Betta prima
  • Betta falx
  • Betta pallida
  • Betta enisae
  • Betta pulchra
  • Betta breviobesus
  • Betta lehi
  • Betta raja
  • Betta cracens
  • Betta stigmosa
  • Betta ferox
  • Betta apollon
  • Betta kuehnei
  • Betta waseri
  • Betta tomi
  • Betta hipposideros
  • Betta spilotogena
  • Betta chloropharynx
  • Betta renata
  • Betta pi
  • Betta pardalotos
  • Betta unimaculata
  • Betta macrostoma
  • Betta patoti
  • Betta ocellata
  • Betta gladiator
  • Betta pallifina
  • Betta compuncta
  • Betta ideii


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