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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
115. Top 5 Episodes (Livestream)

What are your favorite Water Colors Aquarium Gallery episodes? It’s like choosing a favorite child! Tune in to hear Ben, Amy, and Charles’ top 5 favorite podcast episodes ever recorded. Some make the list due to their significance, while some are in the running simply because we had a good time recording.

This episode was livestreamed on YouTube! To watch the session, you can find the recording here: https://www.youtube.com/live/T7u3EqCt1I4?feature=share

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Episodes mentioned:

  • 12: Intro to Killifish
  • 17. Trade Secrets: How Water Colors Quarantines EVERY Saltwater Fish
  • 24. Invasive Species with Dr. Alisha Davidson
  • 25. Our Five Dream Saltwater Fish
  • 50. Adventures in Acclimation: From Coral to Coral Beauty
  • 56. Interview: Will Ogburn and Laura Roy, University of Dayton Fish Lab
  • 61: Five Killer Beginner Mistakes
  • 62. Saltwater Changes
  • 67. Lacey Act Amendments
  • 79. Schooling Reef Fish
  • 80. Designer Clownfishes
  • 82. Conservation in Aquariums: Is It Enough?
  • 88. Biotopes: Examples of Replicating Wild Habitats
  • 89. The Breeding Projects We’re Most Proud Of
  • 90. Blackwater Aquariums: Turning a Fringe Habitat into a Mainstream Hobby
  • 92. Aquariums for Kids: Fostering an Enduring Love for the Hobby
  • 99. Licorice Gouramis: Little Gems of the Rainforest
  • 104. Questions Submitted by Podcast Listeners
  • 108. Worst Aquarium Advice We’ve Seen Online
  • 111: Wild-Type Clownfishes and Where to Find Them
  • 112: Dirt-Spawning Killifishes

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