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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
135. Top 5 Stem Plants

Stem plants are a very general hobbyist classification of aquarium plants comprised of a huge variety of species. They range from incredibly easy to very demanding and difficult. We can observe a great variation of growth from these plants depending on their environment, which makes them useful for both decoration and utility. In this episode, the team discusses their top 5 species and how to care for them!


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Species mentioned in this episode:

  • Rotala rotundifolia
  • Rotala h’ra
  • Rotala macrandra
  • Ammannia pedicellata ‘golden’
  • Rotala wallichii
  • Rotala rotundifolia ‘super red’
  • Potomageton gayi
  • Pogostemon stellatus
  • Limnophilia indica
  • Hygrophilia angustifolia
  • Ludwigia hybrid lacustris
  • Alternanthera reineckii
  • Najas guadalupensis
  • Bacopa caroliniana
  • Ludwigia arcuata
  • Persicaria sp ‘Kawagoeanum’

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