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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
136. Top 5 LPS Corals

The term LPS corals, or large polyp stony corals, is a hobbyist classification used to try to categorize coral species based on care and needs. This episode is all about our favorite LPS coral species, as well as how to care for them. Growing coral can be scary, and buying some of your own can be a real investment. From this discussion, we hope to demystify some of the care requirements of LPS corals and help you improve your reef at home, or even start a brand new project!


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Species mentioned in this episode:

  • Trachyphillia geoffroy, ‘Open Brain coral’
  • Fimbriaphyllia ancora, ‘Hammer coral’
  • Heteropsammia cochlea, ‘Walking Dendro’
  • Duncanopsammia axifuga, ‘Duncan coral’
  • Cyphastria ‘Meteor shower’
  • Platycerus temensis, ‘Maze Brain coral’
  • Fungia fungites, ‘Plate Coral’
  • Scoly ‘War Paint’
  • Blastomussa wellsi
  • Micromussa lordhowensis, ‘Acan Lord’
  • Caulastraea furcata, ‘Candy Cane coral’
  • Catalaphyllia jardinei, ‘Elegance coral’
  • Cynarina coral
  • Euphyllia glabrescens, ‘ Torch coral’
  • Plerogyra sinuosa, ‘Bubble coral’

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