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158. Parasites of the Caribbean: The Evolution of Cleaner Gobies

Elacatinus gobies are the perfect nano fish – small, stunning, and regularly captive bred! These awesome cleaner gobies are not obligate cleaners, and therefore work well in a large variety of reef tanks. Join us as we learn about this widespread genus of beautiful neon gobies – from care, to husbandry, to evolution and more.

Fishes Discussed in this Episode:
– Cayman sponge goby (Elacatinus centralis)
– Cayman cleaner goby (Elacatinus cayman)
– Shortstripe goby (Elacatinus chancei)
– Belize sponge goby (Elacatinus colini)
– Yellowline goby (Elacatinus horsti)
– Linesnout goby (Elacatinus lori)
– Spotlight goby (Elacatinus louisae)
– Serranilla goby (Elacatinus serranilla)
– Slaty goby (Elacatinus tenox)
– Yellowprow goby (Elacatinus xanthiprora)
– Sharknose goby (Elacatinus evelynae)
– Cleaner goby (Elacatinus genie)
– Barsnout goby (Elacatinus illecebrosus)
– Belize cleaner goby (Elacatinus lobeli)
– Neon goby (Elacatinus oceanops)
– Broadstripe goby (Elacatinus prochilos)
– Yellownose goby (Elacatinus randalli)
– Yellow neon goby (Elacatinus figaro)
– Noronha cleaner goby (Elacatinus phthirophagus)
– Trindade cleaner goby (Elacatinus pridisi)
– Redhead goby (Elacatinus/Tigrigobius puncticulatus)
– Exuma goby (Elacatinus atronasus)
– Jarocho goby (Elacatinus jarocho)
– Cinta goby (Elacatinus redimiculus)
– Bluestreak cleaner wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus)
– Greenbanded goby (Tigrigobius multifasciatus)
– Redcheek goby (Tigrigobius rubrigenis)
– Panamanian greenbanded goby (Tigrigobius panamensis)
– Cayman greenbanded goby (Tigrigobius harveyi)

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