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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
159. Macroalgae 101

Utilizing macroalgae in reef tanks is a popular trend in modern day marine aquaria. It’s an excellent way to add some variable textures and colors into your saltwater tank. With special guest Johnathon Butkus, the Water Colors team discusses topics such as care, taxonomy, compatible tank mates, and more. From the vibrant ‘blue hypnea’ to the alien-like ‘dead man’s fingers’, we cover a variety of macroalgae species in this episode! Which is your favorite?


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Some species mentioned in this episode:

  • Caulerpa prolifera
  • Chaetomorpha
  • Pom Pom Gracilaria
  • ‘Sea Grapes’ Caulerpa racemosa
  • ‘Dragon’s Tongue’ Halymenia
  • Blue Hypnea
  • ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’ Codium decorticatum

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