166. Conservation Projects and How to Get Involved Leave a comment

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
166. Conservation Projects and How to Get Involved

Many of our values here at Water Colors are derived from an understanding that the aquarium industry is inherently harmful to the planet, and in turn, to the fish we love. We tend to harp on these negative impacts in an effort to better understand how we can improve our own practices, and push for changes in the industry we love.

In this episode, however, the Water Colors team focuses more on the positive, sharing their top 3 conservation projects led by some amazing people and passionate organizations! These incredible conservationists are making strides to preserve and protect many of the environments our favorite fish come from, as well as supporting the people that live there. From rainforests to our own backyards, we encourage our listeners to consider donating to these excellent causes if they have the means. Links for all projects mentioned will be listed below.


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Conservation Efforts mentioned in this episode:

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