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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
167. Marine Snails

Marine snails are much more than just a clean up crew! The available species are diverse and complex, with some even living up to 40 years! The Water Colors team discusses all you need to know when keeping marine snails in your home aquariums, including care for these amazing invertebrates, species profiles, and how we can keep them more ethically.


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Species mentioned in this episode:

  • Margarita snails (margarites pupillus)
  • Bumblebee snails (engina mendicaria)
  • Crown conch (melongena corona)
  • Babylon snails (babylonia spirata)
  • Conchs (Genus strombus)
    • Fighting conchs (strombus alatus)
  • Moon snails (Family Naticidae)
  • Turbo snails (Genus turbo)
    • Chestnut turbo snails (turbo castanea)
    • Mexican turbo snails (turbo fluctuosus)
  • Trochus snails (trochus radiatus)
  • Astrea snails (lithopoma americanum)
  • Ninja star astrea snails (lithopoma phobium)
  • Stomatella (stomatella planulata)
  • Nerite snails (Family neritidae)
  • Cerith snails (Family cerithiidae)
  • Nassarius snails (Family nassariidae)
  • Lettuce sea slugs (Superorder sacoglossa)

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