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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery
Water Colors Aquarium Gallery
168. Grasses and Friends

This episode is all about grass-like plants and how to grow them! Technically, only species from the family poacea are true grasses – but for the purpose of this episode, we extend the label to anything long and ‘grassy.’ Utilizing these plants in your home aquariums can add some excellent contrast in texture to your aquascapes. From fine-leaved eriocaulon plumes to short and manicured dwarf hairgrass carpets, we cover a variety of grassy plants in this top 5 list.


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Species mentioned in this episode:

  • Hygroryza aristata
  • Poacea sp. ‘Purple bamboo’
  • Eriocaulon sp. ‘Feather duster’
  • Eriocaulon sp. ‘Malayatoor’
  • Eleocharis acicularis, Dwarf Hairgrass
  • Vallisaneria gracilis
  • Vallisaneria nana
  • Helanthium bolivianum ‘Quadrocostatus’
  • Helanthium tenellum
  • Juncus repens
  • Eleocharis montevidensis, Giant Hairgrass
  • Sagtittaria subulata, Dwarf sag
  • Syringodium filiforme, Manatee grass
  • Blyxa japonica
  • Cyprus helferi
  • Utricularia graminifolia
  • Crinum calimastratum

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