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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery
Water Colors Aquarium Gallery
169. Cold-water Marine Aquariums

In this episode, the Water Colors team discusses some incredible saltwater organisms that require cooler temperatures, as well as some examples of cold-water marine tanks and how to pull them off appropriately. Understand that cold-water aquariums are fundamentally different than our typical reef tanks. They generally require expensive chillers, many of the organisms from these environments have slower metabolic rates, the nitrogen cycle is dramatically slowed in cooler temperatures, and let’s not forget about condensation! What cold-water species would you keep?


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Species/examples mentioned in this episode:

  • Caribbean Biotope: yellow gorgonian, tubastraea, coral banded shrimp
  • Macroalgae “tidepool” style tank
  • Catalina goby, lythrypnus dalli
  • Thick-horned nudibranch, hermissenda crassicornis
  • Bimac octopus, octopus bimaculoides
  • Garibaldi damselfish, hypsypops rubicundus
  • Pacific spiny lumpsucker, eumicrotremus orbis
  • Horn shark, heterodontus francisei
  • Lined seahorse, hippocampus erectus

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