47. Our Top Five Saltwater Nano Fish 2

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47. Our Top Five Saltwater Nano Fish

Nano tanks have blown up in popularity over the last few years, for good reason. A nano saltwater aquarium can be a more budget friendly option for the entry level marine aquarist, or the perfect solution to a small space. However, when it comes to stocking a nano reef tank, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds of differing opinions. In this episode: Ben, Amy, and Charles discuss their favorite fish for tanks 20 gallons or less and have some debate over what makes a fish appropriate for a smaller aquarium.

What did we miss? Which picks did you disagree with? Let us know!


  1. On Spotify this episode just plays as your last episode with the interview idk if it’s just me

    Nicholas Farese
    1. We’re working on getting the file fixed on Spotify but it should be correct on other platforms and on the website. Thanks for your patience, and for letting us know!

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