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48. Our Top Five Coolest Human Produced Fish

We’ve talked about genetically modified fish in this podcast before, not always in the most positive light. In this episode: Ben, Charles, and Amy flip that attitude on its head and talk about some of their favorite line bred, hybrid, and transgenic fish!

What are your favorites? Let us know!



Here is a list of all of the fish discussed in this episode and some associated notes.

Sunset Platy – Xiphophorus maculatus

Cherry Barb – Puntius titteya

Glo Fish Danio – Danio rerio

  • Note: Glass Fish are in an entirely separate family than Charicins or Cyprinids. They are in the family Ambassidae

Apistogramma agassizii “Fire Red”

Apistogramma macmasteri “Red Neck”

Apistogramma cacatuoides “Super Red”

German Blue Ram – Mikrogeophagus ramirezi

Copper Plakat Betta – Betta sp.

Marble Plakat Betta – Betta sp.

Red Dumbo Halfmoon Betta – Betta sp.

Albino Cory Catfish – Corydoras aeneus

Electric Blue Acara – Andinoacara sp.

Green Tiger Barb – Puntigrus sp.

Red and White Ryukin Goldfish – Carassius auratus


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