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120. Top 5 Corydoras

Corydoras catfishes are some of the most universally loved bottom dwellers in the aquarium hobby. This genus is comprised of nearly 200 species and counting! In this episode, the Water Colors team ranks their top 5 cory cats, along with some useful tips on keeping and breeding these fun little armored catfishes.


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Species mentioned in this episode:

  • Corydoras similis, Violet Cory
  • CW010, Orange Laser Cory
  • Corydoras adolfi, Adolofo’s Cory
  • Corydoras duplicareus
  • Corydoras habrosus, Dainty Cory
  • Corydoras pygmaeus, Pygmy Cory
  • Corydoras sterbai, Sterba’s Cory
  • Corydoras eques
  • Corydoras atropersonatus, Polka Dot Cory
  • Corydoras weitzmani, Twosaddle Cory
  • CW009, Green Laser Cory
  • Corydoras schultzei, Black Venezuelan Cory
  • Corydoras paleatus, Pepper Cory
  • Corydoras aeneus, Bronze Cory
  • CW28, Super Schwartzi Highfin Cory
  • Corydoras eversi
  • Corydroas hastatus
  • Corydoras trilineatus, Threestripe Cory
  • Corydoras julii, Julii Cory

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