7. How to Start an Aquarium 1

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7. How to Start an Aquarium

In this episode, Ben, Charles, and Amy attempt to answer the huge question: “How do I start an aquarium?” In the process, they discuss their best time saving and budget saving options for many different types of aquariums, as well as how to start up some of the more specialized systems. Whether you’re just starting your first tank, making the jump to saltwater, or just want to take your hobby to the next level these tips provide a place to get started.

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  1. Thanks for the info for us beginners. I have listened to this podcast twice so far to absorb as much information on our new tank as I can.

    The sound quality is great now. Keep up the great work. I’ve only had the pleasure of working with Charles when calling or going into the store and his knowledge and help is greatly appreciated.

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