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Water Colors Aquarium Gallery Podcast
99. Licorice Gouramis: Little Gems of the Rainforest

In this episode of the podcast; Charles leads the Water Colors team on a discussion on a specific genus of anabantoids that we are all particularly fond of, Parosphromenus, the licorice gouramis. Many people shy away from licorice gouramis because of their reputation of being a challenge, but the team explores how their small size makes them less of a hassle than initially advertised.

Further Reading Mentioned in this Episode:
– seriouslyfish.com
Labyrinth Fish World by Horst Linke
-Parosphromenus Project

Species Mentioned in this Episode:
– Deissner’s Licorice Gourami (Parosphromenus deissneri)
– Bintin Licorice Gourami (Parosphromenus bintan)
Parosphromenus  cf. “bintan
– Fire and Ice Licorice Gourami (Parosphromenus sp. “Batu Pahat”)
– Bukit Merah Licorice Gourami (Parosphromenus rubrimontis)
– Filamented Licorice Gourami (Parosphromenus filamentosus)
– Chili rasbora (Boraras brigittae)
– Strawberry Licorice Gourami (Parosphromenus nagyi)
– Blue-line Licorice Gourami (Parosphromenus gunawani)
– Red-spotted Pygmy Licorice Gourami (Parosphromenus parvulus)
– Ornate Licorice Gourami (Parosphromenus ornaticauda)
– Tweediei’s Licorice Gourami (Parosphromenus tweediei)
– Sintang Licorice Gourami (Parosphromenus sintangensis)
– Badis (Dario spp.)
– Chocolate gouramis (Sphaerichthys spp.)
Betta coccina
– “Little” crystal shrimp (Caridina spp.)
– Kuhli loaches (Pangio spp.)

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